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The launch of Continuous Development Programme for the Guyana Defence Force and Guyana Police Force being conducted by Texila American University as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility was inaugurated today, 17 June 2022, in the premises of Texila American University. The High Commissioner of India Dr. K J Srinivasa was the Chief Guest at the event. In his remarks, High Commissioner lauded the initiative taken by the Government of Guyana to upgrade technical skills and capacity of the Guyana Police Force and Guyana Defence Force which will help them not only for their career progression but also help them contribute positively to nation building. The role of Texila American University was also very much appreciated. The role of education in improving the country’s growth profile and future progress was highlighted by the High Commissioner. Other speakers included President of Texila American University Mr. Saju Bhaskar (in absentia) Dean Dr. Dheeraj Bansal and representatives of GDF and GPF. The Continuous Development Programme is geared to offer to GPF and GDF ranks an opportunity for higher education in many core subjects and acquiring a certificate at the end of this programme allowing them to better serve the country, making decisions and becoming better leaders thus preparing them for the future. Mr. Kishor Kumar briefed the officers to access the learning system developed to deliver the platform. Over 30 Guyana Police Officers and 50 GDF officers are expected to take part in this first phase of training which is expected to last three months, will be done virtually, while the exams will be conducted in person.

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