CARICOM Agri Investment Forum and Expo in Georgetown
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The High Commission of India in Guyana commends the Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana on the successful organisation of the CARICOM Agri Investment Forum and Expo in Georgetown from 19-21 May 2022 which has not only attracted the top political leaders from the region but also from the private sector as well as investment agencies from around the world.
High commissioner of India to Guyana (also concurrently accredited to Antigua & Barbuda, St Kitts & Nevis & CARICOM) Dr KJ Srinivasa stated that the event would go a long way in ensuring the food security of the region and to reduce the food import costs by 25% by 2025. He stated that three well known and world renowned Indian farm equipment/machinery and tractor companies, viz., Mahindra & Mahindra (Makers of Mahindra Tractors), Farmtrac Global (Escorts India Group) and Sonalika tractors (marketed as Solis brand) have showcased their products in the Expo.  UPL - a USD 10 billion global provider of sustainable agriculture solutions - technology & services like IOT & innovations in agriculture is also represented at the Expo. This showcases Indian commitment to Guyana’s agriculture sector. Meanwhile some Indian investors are also interested to explore the new initiatives by the Government of Guyana to promote dairy farming, commercial crops, etc. 
Mahindra tractors are represented and marketed by Rudisa Motors; Farmtrac tractors by Massy Motors and Solis (Sonalika) tractors by Farmsup Farm Supplies Ltd. In Guyana.
UPL products are marketed in Guyana by Caribbean chemicals and M/s Green Agro services Ltd.
20th May, 2022